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Hey! I'm Kaiwen!

I am a passionate UX/Product Designer with the goal to create the delightful experience and drive business impact. I find true happiness when I am designing. I strive to exceed expectations in everything I do as a designer - working hard to repay my luckiness of doing my dream job.


My mixed background of both design and finance enables me to follow the rational design process to solve problems visually. Now I am a master student in interaction design at California College of the Arts, living and studying in San Francisco.

I learned drawing for 5+ years. I spent a lot of time on Chinese Ink Paintings. My grandfather taught me to draw with brushes since I was five years old and I keep practicing till now.


The amusement park is my favorite. I have been to almost all Disneylands and Universal Studios in the world. Thus, if you are planning your first visit to Disneyland or Universal Studios - I would be happy to give you some tips 😉.

Feel free to get in touch with me at, or download my résumé.

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