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AirSwitch by GreenAir

A low-carbon high flexible flight app to help passengers find the best seat section.



If you've been on a plane for more than five hours, you must know the fatigue of a long flight. Small space, noisy environment, some people need to rest, some people want to chat. If the seats on the plane are divided into different blocks, all problems will be solved.
AirSwitch is a system that can help you choose the most suitable seats for your aircraft. You can choose the most suitable seats through the mobile app. AirSwitch helps passengers spending a comfortable flight.


Time. 2019

Tools. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch, Principle
Process. User Research, Ideation, Conceptual Testing, Iteration, Usability Testing

Category. UI/UX Design, Eco-System Design, Prototyping, Wireframing, Branding

Future forecasting scenario:

  • Flying has a large environmental cost.

  • Planes will get even more crowded.

  • People have to make sacrifices for comfort in order to have a lower environmental footprint.


The pain points of long-distance flights

  • Long-distance flights are uncomfortable and boring.

  • People don't like the environment around their seats.

  • People want to switch seats, but they don’t want to say it directly to others. There is no system for communication or requests.


Design Goal

How might we let users with different needs have the best flight experience?







User Flow

AirSide Flowchat (3).png

Low-fidelity Prototype

Low-fidelity Prototype

未标题-1_画板 1.png

Final Design
High-fidelity Prototype

poster process_画板 1.png

Interactive Presentation

The dynamic interaction experience was created with Adobe XD. It shows the logic and process of app on the mobile phone.


Flight p-01 (1).jpg

Borarding Pass

boarding pass (1).jpg

Confirmation Email


Usability Testing

​We set up a scene to simulate the flight experience, including the gate and the interior of the aircraft. 12 passengers were invited to take flight GreenAir and use the AirSwitch mobile app.


Everyone would receive the ticket confirmation email and boarding pass in advance. Passengers tried to select the area and change seats during the experience.


Next Step:

If given more time, I'd like to think more about:

What is the MVP?

If this is a real project in an agile environment, MVP will be a collection version that includes a mobile app and the physical device with buttons in the flight. Considering the instability of the network on the aircraft, passengers can change seats through the button without network.

What will happen after switching seats? 

My current design focuses on how to switch seats. So what will happen after switching?  Does the plane need to provide some books for people in the reading area? Does the plane need to create a mute barrier for passengers in the sleeping zone? How does passenger pick up the luggage at the top of the seat before they get off the plane?

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