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Speculation Economics

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Currently, data is already used to create actionable maps and stories of our lives and our world. Our project speculates on the future of data use and the potential new meanings of themes like privacy, ownership and wealth. Data can be utilized as a material to optimize human behavior, things, services, entertainment, environments, and data can also be used as a currency.

Data might have has appreciation value and more dynamic value, it might be accrued into personal portfolios and seamlessly collected, shared and traded with the blink of an eye. Data might go beyond an objective material and take on new values having to do with aesthetics, emotions and desires.

In “Speculation Economics in a Bit World” we have imagined a future where the amount of data one holds determines their degree of personal affluence and we have investigated this speculative world through narratives that describe mundane but eclectic interactions with data currency


Time. 2019

Tools. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Ardunio, Laser cutting
Process. Topic Identification, Scenario Sketch, Video Prototype, Modle Making, Final Video Recording

Category. Speculative DesignInteraction Design

data poster.jpg
Data Structure.jpg
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