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Wellness market research

Wellness Inc is a company dedicated to improving the lives of people in the walks of life. I was responsible for market research on health and fitness.


Now the health and fitness market is becoming more and more mature and saturated. My work as a UX research is to look for new opportunities and offer a breakthrough in the fitness market.

Wellness Inc is a new startup, a company dedicated to improving the lives of people in the walks of life. I was responsible for market research on the health and fitness part. 


Time. 2019

Tools. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Principle
 Desk Research, Observations, Surveys, Interview, Analysis Insights, Persona Development, Persona Journey, Opportunity Ideation

Category. Design Research, Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Persona, User Journey, Ideation


Wellness Inc is a company dedicated to improving the lives of people in the walks of life. I was responsible for market research on health and fitness.

This project is aimed at the company's fitness and health business. Making detailed, comprehensive and constructive design research and giving future market suggestions.


Time. 2019

Tools. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch, Principle
Process. User Research, Persona, Ideation, Conceptual Testing, Iteration, Usability Testing

Category. UI/UX Design, Eco-System Design, Prototyping, Wireframing, Branding

Secondary Research

1.7 most effective exercise:

2.Exercise Statistics All Over the Map:

3.More School, More Play :  People with higher levels of education were more likely to participate in sports and exercise.

4.Diet, fitness, and exercise survey template:

5.The market for mid-priced clubs is high, IHRSA concludes, with 44 percent of current health club members reporting household incomes of $25,000 to $75,000

6.Planet Fitness gyms promote their locations as, Home of the Judgment Free Zone. By creating a friendly, fun atmosphere with perks like Pizza Mondays and Bagel Tuesdays, they appeal to first-time or casual fitness enthusiasts who might feel uncomfortable in a more intense environment.

7.New research has for the first time set a recommended upper limit of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at 30-40 minutes working out at above 90 percent of the maximum heart rate per week.

8.Survey: HIIT Tops the List of Fitness Trends for 2018

9.Hiit Training Survey

10.The optimal intensity and length of the sprint and rest periods together with examination of the benefits of other HIIE modalities need to be established.

11.HIIT also reduces fat – both abdominal and the deep, visceral kind that engulfs your inner organs – while maintaining muscle mass or, in less active individuals, increasing it. and fitness report


14.Ranking private health and fitness club

15.New IHRSA research shows that more than 70 million consumers visited health clubs in 2017 and 60.9 million Americans are health club members.

16.The Six Reasons The Fitness Industry Is Booming

17.What Time Do Most People Go to the Gym?

18.And more ……

undraw_link_shortener_mvf6 (1)-01.png

Primary Research

​Market Topic

People's opinions on fitness and what kind of fitness strategies are needed in the future


1. I believe that fitness is the first impression that people want to maintain a healthy life.

2. I believe that more and more people choose to work out by themselves because of the rise of professional fitness apps and wearable equipment.

3. I believe that the reason why people don't want or seldom exercise is that they don't have time

4. I believe that sharing fitness photos can promote people's love of fitness


Interview Questions

▷ How often do you workout

▷ Why are your reason for not working out

▷ Yes- how do you do for fitness

▷ Why you choose this fitness way

▷ Where do you workout

▷ How much do you spend on fitness

▷ What’s your biggest challenge when you exercise

Primary Research Type

▷ Blind Survey 

▷ In-person interview

Blind survey

Method: Social media + paper

# of questions: 7~10

# of respondents: 10-15

In-Person Interview

Motivation: gift

Who: classmates, friends, stranger

Setting: in person

5-7 Questions with probing/follow-up questions


Name: Sam
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Position: Software engineer
Healthy condition: Strong

• Freshness is very important for exercise. People need to change your fitness program regularly.

• Priority will be given to exercise place close to home

• Don't care about fitness data when you're in good health

• Because fitness is for fun, data brings burden

• The threshold of going to the gym is low, because there are many gyms, simple, cheap and many equipment


Name: Anna
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Position: graphic design student in CCA
Healthy condition: Overweight

• Diet is very important to health, even more important than exercise.

• Watching videos at home is less self-motivation than going to the gym because no one urges

• You need to have a certain foundation for your own fitness at home, provided that you have received professional training from a coach in the gym


Name: Cherry
Age: 25

Sex: Famale
Position: graphic designer
Healthy condition: Overweight

• People know the importance of fitness. They don't do it because they don't have the motivation and laziness

• The environment of the gym, the community gym is very cold, so people don't want to go

• Fitness equipment is not the main factor affecting people's fitness. If there is a treadmill at home, it is still difficult to keep fit


Basketball Arena

图片 1.png

Boys and girls team up to play basketball

▷ The level of basketball is very different

▷ There are basketball games at a certain time, so a noncompetition person cannot use the place

▷ It's not a professional basketball game. People come to play just for exercise and happiness

General Room

图片 3.png

▷ People like to look in the mirror when they are exercising to check whether their movements are standard or not

▷ In the process of fitness with friends, we often communicate with each other


图片 2.png

▷People listen to music or watch videos on their phones, or watch virtual runways on their treadmills while running

▷People who listen to music run faster than people who watch videos on their mobile phones

▷Some people use their mobile phones while running, which is very slow and even stops


图片 4.png

▷ Some people will look in the mirror during the training interval, show their muscles

▷ Get the achievement of fitness

Online Questionnaire

Click on the links below to view the questionnaire

Analysis - Persona Matrix

persona matrix_画板 1 副本.png

Persona Backgrounds

persona matrix1_画板 1 副本 7.png

Prototyping - Persona Journey

timeline_画板 1.png
timeline_画板 1 副本 6.png
timeline_画板 1 副本 5.png
timeline_画板 1 副本 4.png


Big Ideas

​According to the research and analysis, here are 3 market opportunities.

- Customized fitness program

- Remind users at the best right time

- Rewards for keeping fit


According to each person‘s physical condition, customized fitness programs


▷ Injuries caused by excessive and unhealthy fitness

▷ Overconfidence caused by not knowing your physical condition

▷ Fitness novice, don't know how to exercise properly

▷ The existing fitness course is not for everyone. Many times users do not exercise because they do not have a correct understanding of their health.

▷ The product could detect users’ physical condition through artificial intelligence and then makes analysis.

▷ And then it will give fitness suggestions and customize personal fitness programs according to user’s healthy status.

According to each person‘s physical condition, customized fitness programs


Rewards for keeping fit and sharing on time


▷No motivation to work out

▷Too busy to keep fit

▷It's hard to keep fit

▷Unwilling to share, the fitness community is not active

▷ The product link sharing and reward, it can effectively promote people to exchange and share fitness experience.

▷ Rewards are given in the form of coupons. When the accumulated points reach a certain level, the user can get the gifts, including fitness equipment and personal trainer classes, etc.

Remind users to exercise at the best time according to their time schedule


▷ Work too busy and forget to exercise

▷ No habit of fitness

▷ No reasonable planning of fitness time

▷ The Invalid reminder does not work

▷ This product can remind the user of fitness at the most appropriate time according to the user's daily work and rest.

▷ It effectively avoids invalid reminders when users are working.

▷ E.g. Linda has dinner time at 5:00 pm every day. If reminded her to work out in this time, she will just turn off the message and ignore. But 6:00-8:00 pm is the break time, so the push message and alarm clock should be send after 6:00 pm.

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